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Making My Monday

March 19, 2012

It has been stormy all weekend and this morning is grey and cloudy but I am embracing it with an oddly sunny disposition.

My sister was here for an impromptu trip from Montreal for the past few days and it was lovely — a little beach, a little shopping, a lot of wine…as sisterly visits should be.

Now it’s time to kick off the week on the right foot. Here are five things Making My Monday:

Look around! My blog got a facelift courtesy of the lovely Lizzie at HIPHELLO (who, in true 21st century form, I have only met via Twitter and never in real life) and I love it. Check it out on Facebook, too.

We have a family flag now, courtesy of Little D, perched right in the center of the dining room table (above). I recommend you get one, too.

I got a new writing gig! So so so excited to be contributing to a well-known site in the coming month on all things fashion and home for mamas. More to come!

I got a $100 gift card to spend at Neiman Marcus. This was my first purchase, can’t wait to try it out this week.

Finally, tomorrow night I am meeting up with an old friend from high school for drinks. I have not seen her in close to 20 years. We reconnected via Facebook a while back and she’s in town so it should be a nice little evening strolling down memory lane.


Eye on the Prize

March 15, 2012

This week has been insanely busy for me. I was slammed with work, busy with the fabulous Lizzie Sorensen on the redesign of my blog (you like?!?), planning Little D’s upcoming 5th, and now my sister is rolling into town for a last-minute weekend visit from Montreal.

So what’s one to do when you are busy, stressed and having trouble staying motivated?

Keep your eye on the prize, of course.

In my world, that means handbags. When I get a new client, score on my tax return, heck, if it’s a random Wednesday and I feel like spoiling myself, I turn to handbags first.

And these are just some of the ones I have my eye on this month. Any of them would be a fabulous prize, don’t you think?

Clockwise from top left:

MIU MIU Grained Leather Tote – love the polished pink.

Tory Burch Robinson Leather Shoulder Bag – small in size, not in style.

Maison Martin Margiela Studded Leather Tote – how to make studded leather work for every day.

Mulberry Jersey Tote – there’s a donkey on it. Need I say more?

Bottega Veneta Crinkled and intrecciato leather shoulder bag – would I ever really spend $4000 on a handbag? No. But a girl can dream, and she should always dream of Bottega…

Chloé Paraty Leather Bag – it’s Chloé. And it’s damn near perfect.

*All photos via Net a Porter

My Office.

March 13, 2012

Where I am buried.

And therefore not blogging.

Back soon.


Busy, Busy, Busy. Or Am I?

March 11, 2012

Just as I was sitting here cursing what should have been a glorious, relaxing Sunday morning because I have three major work projects to complete today, two kids I don’t see enough of already anxiously checking on me every five minutes because they want to play, and a house that has a layer of dust on it…I don’t know how thick anymore, I came across this enlightening little Wall Street Journal article via one of my favorite blogs.


Maybe my days aren’t as over-packed and “busy” as I thought they were?

Maybe I am just wasting away a lot of idle time not being as productive as I can be?

Maybe I AM getting enough sleep?

Maybe I spend too much time on…gasp – Facebook?!?

Maybe they are right. And maybe they are wrong….

Either way, I don’t have the time to ponder it any further today.

But I am glad I pondered it for a bit. You may be, too.

Happy Sunday!

Girl Crush

March 9, 2012

I am sure 1000 blog posts about fashion designer Emerson Made (now Emerson Fry) have had this very same title, but it pretty much sums it up…

Listen, I never said I was here to reinvent the wheel. 😉

She embodies everything I strive for when it comes to personal style: a little classic, a little minimalist, a little cool, and a lot of messy, yet perfect hair.

As we head into the weekend, hope you enjoy this dose of simple, chic, oh-so-lovely style from one of my favorite girl crushes.

Happy weekend!

*Photos via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7*


March 8, 2012

Check out this insanely cool line of eyewear for kids, Very French Gangsters.

Oui, oui and oui.

All photos via here.

Question of the Day

March 7, 2012


“Mommy, why do birds sit on a wire like that?” – Little D, almost five.

*Photo via here