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“Your car is way too clean for someone with a kid”

September 1, 2009

You know how in NY, you are where you live? And in Montreal, where I’m from, you kind of are what you listen to. And as mamas, we all know we are what we eat (bla bla bla, I still eat cupcakes). Well, in LA, you are what you drive. And being a mom should not make you an exception to the rule. A friend and fellow mama tried to explain to me a few weeks ago, after just having her second, why she was thinking of giving up her ballin’ Range Rover Sport for – get ready for it – a minivan. “I need the sliding doors,” she said. “You don’t,” I replied. “It’s different with two,” she said. “It’s not,” said I. “It’s so much more convenient!” she pleaded. I just walked away. Now let me clarify that this friend of mine is possibly one of the most stylish, cutest moms in the city – she lives in a great neighborhood, looks amazing, lives a great life, she’s way cooler than me (especially in that Range!). So I simply couldn’t let her give in – Gwyneth wouldn’t have it. When Little D made it loud and clear that she needed more leg room (she’s off the charts in the height department, has been since birth), we knew we needed to go the gas guzzler route, and I had a long list of requirements, none of which started with mini or ended with van. And we found one. And it fits in perfectly on the LA playground parking lot scene (ie. it’s overpriced and European). And Little D loves the legroom. And yes, I keep it clean – really clean, much to the amazement of my good friend and neighbor who prompted this post with her comment the other night. Because when I pull up at the valet at the Roosevelt for cocktails, the only thing that’s going to give me away is the Britax in the back.

Too clean??

Too clean??

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  1. your neighbor permalink
    September 2, 2009 8:46 am

    nice =) it seriously is too clean!

    • Karsha permalink
      September 22, 2009 10:05 pm

      Remind me to do a better job cleaning the Cheerios off the passenger seat the next time I drive you somewhere. =)

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