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That’s mama to you!

September 16, 2009

I love Little D’s voice. It’s this perfect combination of high-pitched squeal, teenager going through puberty cracking, and innocent, end every sentence in a question bliss. She can say almost anything in that little voice, and I melt.

“Mama, I just peed…” – argh, but ok.

“Mommy, I am going to take my nap tomorrow instead.” – pulling my hair out, but still crack a smile.

“Why? Why? Why?” – uttered a few hundred times a day lately, and still I am in love.

But there is one little pill I just can’t swallow, and not even her delivery makes it easier to digest: MOM. Mama, I love. Mommy, a perfect transition from baby into toddler. MOM, I can’t do. My mom is a mom (and a great one at that). Maggie Seaver was a mom. Gwyneth? Will bet money she’s a mama. There’s just something that screams sweatpants, scrunchy and student of the month bumper stickers about MOM. So while Little D can yell a lot of different things at me to grab my attention and hold it tight, one thing she has learned to leave out of her limited vocabulary is MOM. Now, we just need to work on these “why’s”…

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