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Babe, it’s an investment for her future…

September 21, 2009

Some of you may utter this phrase and think college savings, orthodontics account, that secondary language class that will set you back $200 each week. I say it and think Chanel, Tom Ford, Ferragamo.

Having a daughter was a surprise for us – when we first got the baby-on-board news, we both automatically saw blue. Skateboards, Hot Wheels, and blue everything flashed before my eyes for the first few months. He would be strong. He would be brave. He would be respectful.

Then, apparently, he would be a girl.

And I cannot lie, for the first few days, I didn’t quite know what to do with that. Then we shared the news with my mom, who in turn, shared the news with my dad, who was overseas on business. “Looks like R & C are having a girl.” His reply? “Start shopping.” Ah, finally some clarity on the matter. A girl!

Now, when I am out helping the economy – handbags are my personal recession-busting tool – and am contemplating a purchase, big or small, I think of Little D. Will these sunglasses be bananas a la Rachel Zoe in 20 years? Absolutely. Will these heels hold up so she can strut off campus and into her first big job interview in serious style? Then must is an understatement. What will she say about this handbag in 20 years? Vintage chic from my mama? I’ll take it.

Because while we are indeed stashing away a bundle for college, braces (hey, I had ’em, gotta be prepared!) and her first apartment on her own, we all know that landing your biggest breaks in life usually depend on what bag you are carrying. And Little D will have some fabulous ones to pick from.

Now, that’s a smart investment…so take that, life insurance policy.

Some stock never goes down...

Some stock never goes down...


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