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I need a vacation from this vacation

October 20, 2009

I think I’ve learned a very valuable lesson in this, my 30th month of mamahood. Maybe we need to hold off on “vacations” until Little D becomes Big D.

Earlier this month we packed up and headed north of the border for a 9-day visit with friends and family back home. I was pumped. It was a surprise trip, and I LOVE surprises (though no one ever seems to surprise me…hmm). All my friends would be in town, so we’d see a million familiar faces. And it was Fall on the east coast so I could actually enjoy jeans, boots, and scarves without getting weird stares from Angelenos in tank tops and sandals.

Well the surprise went off without a hitch. And I saw plenty of familiar faces. And Fall was in full, fabulous effect – meaning rain eight days out of nine, stunning foliage and yes, lots of boot action.

Unfortunately, Little D was not in full, fabulous anything. Truth be told, we ran her ragged with a schedule of lunch dates, BBQs (Canadians do not give up on BBQing, even when the thermostat drops), and naps on the go. And she was cute as a button, entertaining all the people she sees once a year with gusto. But she didn’t sleep. She hardly ate. And frankly, she was clingier than a cheap polyester shirt on the hot cycle. But I got it, and felt guilty, so we forced through it until we got back on American soil. Where things proceeded to get worse. A full week after we got home, she was still off her sleeping rocker, throwing tantrums left and right, and yes, mama still couldn’t go to the ladies room solo.

So, after much debate, darling husband and I have realized maybe we need to stick to stay-cations for a little while. Let Little D get more settled in this crazy world, adjust to change more slowly, and not rely on regular naps as much as she does now. Good decision for the family, right? Time at home. Regular schedules. No more jet-lag. Keep everyone on a nice, normal schedule.

Except me, of course. I’ve already booked a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs in a month…oops.

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