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That trick is no treat.

October 30, 2009

As an adult, I have never been a Halloween person. I was always the one who went as “myself”, never liked scary movies, and really didn’t care that I didn’t pop up in any party pictures (shunned since I came costume-less) because, really, it was just another Saturday night to me. Happily, I married a man who pretty much felt the same way, so we rolled through every October without a pumpkin in sight.

This year? Still costume-less. Still don’t like scary movies. But we have the most bad-ass pumpkin on the block – an amazingly detailed and delightful Dora. And Little D, thanks to a good friend who had the time and patience to hit a costume store and thought of her along the way, is the cutest little rock n’ roll butterfly on the Westside. And suddenly, the spooky spirit has hit me. So it was with great pride that I got her all suited up this morning for her Toddler Group. Wings in place. Antennas on just right. HUGE smile on the kid’s face as we pulled up.

And in they trotted – our usual circle of 2 ft. tall little friends. Not. One. Of. Them. In. Costume. Pardon my French, but WTF?? How could none of them be “in the mood” to put it on? How can their parents not force it on? Since when did this become a democracy? Are you planning on letting them “not feel like coming to Christmas dinner”? Of course, Little D didn’t really notice and still proudly strutted around in her wings, poking everyone within arm’s reach. She didn’t seem bothered that these kids were all “going as themselves” – it must be in her blood.

So tonight, we’re suiting back up to go watch a free screening of Casper the Friendly Ghost at the local outdoor mall. Little D will rock her butterfly beauty all over again.

And there better be a lot of other kids doing the same. After all, isn’t this the one day of the year when our little monsters can actually dress the part?



Well, well, well...look who found their Halloween spirit.




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