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Multi-tasking me!

January 6, 2010

So, 2009 ended on pretty much the same level of craziness it maintained all year (hence my lack of blog posts in forever). There I was, working in the weeks leading up to the holidays, working during the holidays, and of course, working post-holidays, because who am I to take a break when everyone finally crawls out from under the mistletoe and gets back to it?

And it dawned on me come resolution time. I multi-task at work – no one can balance billing, brainstorming and a bitching client simultaneously like I do.

I multi-task at parenthood – sippy cup in one hand, Fancy Nancy book in the other, while wiping a tushie (sp?), in the food court at Century City? No big deal.

And of course, I multi-task in my social life – Tweeting with the world while talking on the phone with my mom while driving to meet a girlfriend for drinks. Par for the freakin course.

But who exactly is multi-tasking me? And I don’t mean the work/mama/friend me, I mean ME. The one who loves chocolate, massages, books, and is happy to indulge in them all, sans baby, boss or Blackberry once in a while. But never does. The me who tries to relax by only checking my email until 10pm at night, not after (because I have fallen on my face in bed by then anyways). The me who basically cut bangs to try to go longer between eyebrow waxes because I couldn’t fit them into my effing schedule anymore.

This year, 2010, is all about multi-tasking ME.

See that massage gift card that’s been gathering dust on my desk for months? It’s going to good use. Mid-day. On a Monday. If I feel like I need another $65 Diptyque candle – because, frankly, they just bring me joy – but Little D is outgrowing another pair of Baby Gap jeans, the kids may just be calling her floodwatcher on the playground for another month. I am going to take up meditation, stretching, and more retail therapy. And for the love of god, when my kid asks me to read her a book, dance to Yo Gabba Gabba or go fishing in the bath tub, I am going to do it all, without an iPhone in earshot. And ideally all at once.

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