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Little D – Bye bye BabyGAP

February 17, 2010

So years ago (before Little D came into the picture, so 3 yrs+, to be precise), my sister and I bought matching Tory Burch flats.

This was about 5 minutes before everyone and their nanny in LA rocked a pair and ours were decidedly cooler, in a silver snakeskin type print that was a) rarely seen and b) has held up as timeless even now, years later and scuffed to the point of worn-in perfection.

But I didn’t buy into the rest of the Tory world. Everything else in the boutique screamed “mom” (and I don’t mean me, I mean mine) and felt too Palm Beach preppy for a second glance.

Nowadays, I have been warming up to Ms. Burch more and more. Her styles have started skewing younger, yes, but more importantly, I’ve started to really like her as a personality. She has a casual glam style I can appreciate, posts great backstage at Fashion Week pics on her Facebook page, even Tweets about going to her sons’ hockey games mid-day (hey, if she can play mama hooky, can’t we all?).

Today that warmth officially turned into a heat wave with the discovery of her new arrivals for Spring and her Little Darlings (close to Little D, natch) line of new apparel for our younger generation.

It’s cute, it’s age-appropriate, and the shot below is basically my doppelganger. What’s not to love?

Now I just need to find Little D a part-time job so I can afford it…

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