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Who Doesn’t Love a List?

March 3, 2010

So, here is mine – of just some of the celebrity moms who influence WhatWouldGwynethDo every day. Because every mama needs a muse (in addition to the 2-ft tall ones we already adore):

1. Gwyneth Paltrow – nuff said. I like her style, I like how she hits a red carpet one night and drop-off duty the next morning. And I like how, right when rumors of her marriage breaking down hit their stride, she hit the road, and has been essentially MIA from the media glare the past few months. I don’t even mind the name Apple.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker – because the character of Carrie always spoke to me like no other (regardless of all the hype, she really was brilliantly written) and I love how she trolls her Greenwich Village hood with kids in tow, no matter what paparazzi are in her way.

3. Nicole Richie – not only for the 180 she did on her life (was NOT a fan in the Simple Life days), but because she showed me that darling husband and I don’t have to “parent-ify” OUR look to fit into the toddler group aesthetic. I can rock heels and skinny jeans, he can sport his beanie and sneakers, and we can still look like we belong in the playground.

4. Sally Singer – you may not know her, unless you are a Vogue-o-phile like me. She’s a senior-something editor there, has amazing, effortlessly cool style, a permanently “undone” hair thing happening just like mine – and moms three boys in her downtime. Trumps Anna any day, in my book.

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