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J Brand + J Crew = J-ust may have to skip it

March 23, 2010

I know, I know. This may seem shocking. At first glance, this partnership between two of my favorite fashion brands – for the petite set, to boot – seemed like a fabulous Little D fashion post in the making.

Until I took a closer look.

$106 for denim shorts. $99 for denim leggings. $132 for skinny jeans.

Some try to say it’s worth it because of the “quality”. I say even terrible quality will outlast one of Little D’s growth spurts. The simple truth is, we all want stylish kids (at least those of you reading this blog), but if we spent $100+ on every pair of jeans that lasts exactly two months, if we’re lucky, we’d have no money left over for the important stuff: handbags and shoes (see post:

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