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Screw Barbie*

June 3, 2010

*Just kidding, I kind of love her, actually. I was thinking about her the other day, as she recently unveiled her 125th career — girl has literally done it all, without a hair out of place, and hasn’t aged a day. But let’s be honest – she has it good.

It got me thinking, on a particularly hectic day…

I started out as a PR pro. That’s my gig – I talk to clients, editors, writers, clients, colleagues, clients. And a few more clients for good measure.

I shifted to wife – listening to my man gripe about work, helped him find two clean socks, listened to him question last night’s LOST when Matt Lauer was really calling my name.

I channeled a housekeeper, though admittedly, not a good one – laundry in, dishes out, and tricked Little D into helping me dust.

And that was before 8am.

Once Little D was fully up and at ’em, I took on the role of (in no particular order):




Balloon-animal engineer





Organic chef




Gymnastics teacher

Play-doh artist


Life coach

And doctor, again, before I called it a day.

So yes, Barbie may have gone to the moon, and she may have even been President, but I’m starting to think this working girl is the one who really deserves the Dreamhouse.

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