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The Greatest Show On Earth

August 1, 2010

A friend of mine just emailed to let me know it was coming…the greatest show on earth, a fantastical display of human feats, mind tricks, and toddler-tainment: the circus is coming, the circus is coming!

I hit delete.

Didn’t have the heart to reply and tell her, quite frankly, if she wants to see some amazing juggling, she ought just stop by my little pied a terre in West LA, M-F.

You see, darling husband and I both work from home. In an apartment. Less than 1,100 square feet, by our latest estimates, and feeling smaller by the minute. On top of two separate creative minds churning away for 10 hours a day under the same roof, there is Little D, who is now almost 3.5 and full of energy like no other (and she gets limited sugar, I just cannot imagine what life might be like with a toddler who drinks juice). Add to that our super-nanny, a boisterous, commanding Persian presence who Little D’s godfather nicknamed “Consuela Doubtfire” before even meeting her, and eerily, it kind of fits. And then there is Blue, our Japanese fighting beta fish. He may not take up a lot of room, but it takes a lot of room – and effort – to avoid knocking him off his precious perch in our living room. The FedEx guy may or may not count as a sixth, he is here so often for my husband, and they’ve managed to strike up a relationship that I, who watch way too much “Dateline”, have defined as kind of creepy.

We all cram in here. Every day. Deadlines loom. Bubbles are blown. Two separate office lines and a fax machine ring incessantly. Toy Story books are read. Out loud. We can hear each other cough, we know when there is a bathroom break, and most days, we are so busy we IM each other from either end of the apartment to discuss lunch options and whether or not Little D has actually fallen asleep during naptime. And as crazy as it seems, we aren’t planning on ending this run any time soon — this circus may actually become a permanent exhibit.

Now that, my friends, is a true juggling act. All we are missing is a bearded lady.

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