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Mother’s Little Helper

August 11, 2010

I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t talk about poop, potty training, prunes, teething, or anything else typically related to a “mom blog” and already covered so thoroughly and explicitly by thousands of others.

But today, I break that rule, to talk about boogers. Or, more specifically, how they are ruining my life.

Little D started sniffling two days ago, and darling husband and I gave each other the “oh crap, she better not get sick on us” look, because frankly, we are selfish and have too much going on these days to throw snot rags, humidifiers, and sleepless nights into the mix. So Little D took that look to heart, and waited exactly 24 hours before she actually let it kick in; sweet, isn’t she?

Well last night, it kicked in, and kicked us in the ass.

Suddenly, she couldn’t stop coughing or sneezing, and passed on most of her dinner. She cried through bathtime, fought about pj time, and passed out from exhaustion before promptly waking up one hour later, unable to breathe through her nose (a major problem since she still has that damn pacifier in her mouth — only when she sleeps – don’t judge), eyes watering over, and crying at the top of her lungs. And then she did it again an hour later. And then again, an hour later. I tried all the nice home remedies: humidifier, open window, warm wash cloth, to no avail.

The whole time, Little D wailed, “I want medicine, I want medicine,” at the top of her little clogged up lungs. She was demanding medicine, before I even brought it up? She was screaming for drugs, before she’s even past the paci? Visions of a cracked out teenager looming 15 years down the road flashed before my horrified eyes.

But the wailing continued, so we made the call for the Tylenol. But I had thrown it all out due to that ridiculous nationwide recall a few months back. So darling husband rushed to the store – make that three stores, as the first two were closed or out of Children’s Tylenol, again, due to that ridiculous nationwide recall a few months back. And finally made it back just in time for another round of “I want the CHERRY medicine!” Dropper in mouth. Squeeze. And…..relax. She slept for three hour stretches through the rest of the night, stopping only to awaken and ask for more medicine, which I promptly delivered and went straight back to bed.

And this morning? The Tylenol did nothing but promote a little sleep – the runny nose, watery eyes, coughing and sneezing are still in full effect. At least until bedtime tonight, when Mother’s Little Helper will come to the rescue once again.

Until then, pass the Purell.

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