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Apple, Meet Tree

August 17, 2010

No, not THAT Apple…

A hipster – and I mean the kind who is so hip it hurts: Adidas tote bag, thick-rimmed glasses, greased down hair – approached me the other day in the Borders kids section with his little hipster offspring in tow.

“WHERE did you get that sweater?” he inquired, pointing to Little D who was buried knee deep in Dora, Olivia, and of course, Fancy Nancy books.

I glanced over, and before I even had a moment to register what she was wearing, I just knew it…”Oh, my mom bought it for her. I think she got it somewhere in Europe.”

You see, while I am of the Zara, H&M, Baby Gap persuasion when it comes to outfitting Little D (which I consider pretty damn stylish, compared to some of the other options I see out there…), my mom, bless her Euro heart, is more of a Petit Bateau, Lili Gaufrette, Kenzo Kids kind of grandma. And for a while there, my dad (we call him JLo for short, he loves shopping THAT much) was lucky enough to jet off to Europe on a regular basis for a work project and we, in turn, were lucky enough to benefit from toddler shopping sprees in Paris, London, and Switzerland. You know Suri Cruise’s enviable little wardrobe that has her on all the best-dressed lists? Ya, Little D’s is a strong contender for second place.

So while I keep digging up Bonpoint knock-offs at Zara, it’s the real thing that have hipsters hunting us down, asking for style tips. And I am eternally thankful to my mom for that. And random bouts of babysitting, when needed the most. And for her undying support. At least, most of the time. Witness our conversation from this past weekend:

Mom to me: “Are you still doing that Gwyneth Paltrow blog thing?”

Me to mom: “Ya, mom. Jesus, thanks a lot for reading it.” (note sarcasm)

Mom to me: “Cool.” Not quite looking up from her magazine. “I saw her in a picture with a great Goyard tote, I really think you need to get one for the new baby.”

Thanks, mom. Now I probably will. And that, my friends, is where the apple really falls.

The hipster and the tote. (Real hipster not pictured, but you get the idea...)

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