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The Village

October 5, 2010

I remember about three days after Little D was born, I started a random Facebook group called “It Takes a Village.” That was back when random Facebook groups were kind of cool and people actually joined them, and the purpose of this one was that I needed help. Badly.

I quizzed my fellow mama friends – new and old – for advice on everything from burping to bathing, diaper rash to red wine intake, and more. And though the group dissolved into social media thin air shortly thereafter, the need for help didn’t. I mean, hasn’t.

We have finally found our coveted piece of the American dream pie – have opened escrow on a home not too far from the craziness of LA, but far enough. We were torn between two places in the end, and the pros and cons lists became overwhelming – inland vs the coast, commute time to LA, numbers of pools within walking distance. But, ultimately, one factor won out above all else – with numero deux poking and prodding at an increasingly rapid pace each day, I was whisked right back to those first few weeks with Little D, the long defunct Facebook group, and had to say it out loud: we don’t need the solar panels on the roof. We don’t need a Reggio-inspired pre-school within walking distance. We don’t need an open concept kitchen that allows a clear visual of living room, dining room and backyard (though, ultimately, we are getting that, too)…

We. Need. Help.

So off we will go, to our new village, not a virtual one – right down the street from my mom.

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