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Life Lessons Learned

November 22, 2010

Dear readers,

I know I have failed you. If I could somehow summarize the past 30 days or so of my life in one sentence with eloquence and grace, I would.

But all I can muster up is “fuck my life.”

I have dealt with a major move, pre-holiday madness, adjusting a three-year old to an entirely new routine and life, weeks 32-36 of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, no less than 14 or so major fire alarms with work, a husband who hasn’t been able to surf (and apparently gets VERY agitated when that is the case), a father who has unexpectedly found himself in and out of the hospital, and a partridge in a pear tree — all in 30 days. All without wine.

So as I finally find a spare moment or two to breathe and rededicate myself to the blogging world I have grown to love so much, I thought it best to skip the “fuck my life” theme, and work from a “place of yes” instead (thank you, Bethenny Frankel). So, herewith are the top life lessons I have learned in what has easily been one of the most challenging, tiring, exciting, nauseating, frustrating, periods of my young, 30-something life:

1. Book movers. There is no reason to ever go without at this stage in life.

2. Buy beer. Even if you can’t drink it, make sure your escrow closing, box packing, furniture building, rock of a husband has plenty in the fridge, at all times.

3. Thank your mom. Daily.

4. Change your mailing address early. Have not missed one month of my magazines, because this was at the top of my to-do list.

5. Look for style in the most unsuspecting places. On one of my first trips to a local mall in my new suburban nirvana, I was thrilled to see fashion-forward, stylish moms topped off with their tots and their totes, easily in step with the 3rd St/LA set when it came to style.

6. Locate your nearest new mani/pedi place quickly. And make taking it for a test run a top priority, because you will need it in case of emergency.

7. Order in. Every night. Cooking is beyond over-rated at times like this.

8. Take in your new view. Realize that even though it may not be the Hollywood Hills, and there is a Costco down the road, it’s still pretty bad ass.

9. Pat yourself on the back. The house, the view, the Costco down the road…you own it.

And finally, inspired by the following quote from Little D: “Mommy, are you going to decorate the inside of your belly for the baby?”

10. There IS such a thing as too many trips to CB2.

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