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The Style Before the Storm…

December 13, 2010

So, here I am. Due date is technically 12 days away, but induction day is only seven days away, and my body is kind of telling me that l’arrivé de numero deux is like two days away.

We managed to pull together a bassinet. A fab one at that, courtesy of Offi and my dear friend Shannon, who is in between babies. But it has no sheets on it, because apparently, you need bassinet-sized sheets. Who knew. We have a changing table from Little D, though nothing to really change diapers with. And…well, that’s about it.

As I stood in the Christmas department of Target the other day for the 124th time this month, it dawned on me. We haven’t visited the baby department. Not once. I have no wipes. No bottles. No diaper cream. My pump is covered in three+ years of dust.

But now that work is (finally) slowing down, and I have some time to absorb all that is coming, and try to prepare for it, what do I do? Do I stock up on Pampers? Do I reacquaint myself with “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child?” Do I spend the day washing white onesies (we don’t know the gender, so have to be neutral) with chemical-free detergent and gingerly folding them into little pocket-square like pieces of perfection?


I booked a hair appointment. I am going to get my nails done. May get an eyebrow touch up. I am doing laundry…but it’s mine, because I have nothing to wear in the hospital when all the picture-taking begins and nothing to wear home, when I am going to feel like a big, old blob of post-partum blech.

I know, it’s selfish. But when you look ahead to the next four-six weeks knowing they will be a haze of feeding, burping, changing and crying, you want to have clean cuticles. You want your brows under control, because nothing else will be. And you want those damn bangs that you are trying to grow out to do so with a little bit of decorum, because even your little newborn with his/her limited visibility shouldn’t be subjected to them in their in-between phase.

So selfish before the storm it is. I will find some wipes. Diapers will be had. And onesie folding will happen. Eventually. In the meantime, gleaming, shiny nails will be at the ready.



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