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If Only I Would Listen…Lessons for Me

April 20, 2011

I was so excited about the incredible response to my post from the other day, “Lessons for My Daughter,” that it got me thinking about what important life lessons I would like to offer myself, an almost 33 year old mother of two, wife, career woman, friend, sister, daughter, you know the list…and as it does for many of you, it goes on and on. So once again, here goes:

1) Don’t smoke.

2) Be happy you married a man who doesn’t smoke.

3) Don’t sweat the small stuff. No, really, try not to. And that includes basically everything work-related.

4) The following sayings tend to ring true 9 times out of 10: “this too shall pass” and “everything happens for a reason.”

5) There is no need to learn to drive a stick. Don’t let people pressure you into thinking there is.

6) Even though New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time and energy and you never stick to them, don’t give it up. If anything, it holds you accountable for a day.

7) Find time for your husband. Find time for your friends. Find time for your mother. But before all that, find time for yourself.

8 ) Learning to meditate is much harder than it sounds. If it’s stressing you out too much, it’s clearly not for you. And that’s ok. An hour in silence with a new issue of Vogue can be just as therapeutic.

9) When your 4 yr old is heading straight into meltdown mode, tickle her.

10) A well-positioned scarf can make any outfit look better.

11) A blow-out is worth every penny. Every time.

12) You know those best friends who never find time to call you back and only send you birthday greetings via Facebook? They are not your best friends.

13) Vacation once per year. A real vacation.

14) Snack.

15) When it is time to call it a day, call it a day.

16) When your kid is acting silly, laugh first, get annoyed second.

17) Embrace change. Of all shapes and sizes.

18) Create a playlist of your favorite songs from when you were 18. Keep it handy in the car. Put “Rumpshaker” on there.

19) Cry when you need to. But not at work.

20) Hate your husband sometimes. Hate your kids sometimes. Hate yourself sometimes. But remember that underneath all that hate, there is a love like no other.

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