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The Schoolyard Sartorialist

June 9, 2011

By now I hope that my love of fashion has made itself clear via my random musings. It’s not that I always adore what I wear or stock in my closet (in fact it’s usually the opposite), but I can appreciate a couture runway show, independent designer from Stockholm or Anna Wintour sighting as much as any gal in the Garment District, even from here in the burbs. And I have a particular affection for “real life” fashion finds courtesy of the expertly refined lenses of Bill Cunningham and The Sartorialist, who find their muses on street corners and share them with the world.

So I suppose it should come as no surprise that Little D has taken on quite the sartorial eye of her own. She has been in her preschool class for exactly seven months now and while she knows all her classmates by name, she has chosen a different approach to identifying them.

Ask about Christopher? Well, he wore a Batman shirt and brown pants today. How is Elizabeth? Her favorite shoes are her pink Ariel ones, and today she paired them with striped socks. Did you have lunch with Lola? No, but she was wearing her polka dot skirt again today (insert eye roll). Fashion road kill, right there on the playground.

Somehow, she manages to take personal note of everything her 24 pint-size friends wear, each and every day, and while she isn’t documenting it online (as far as I know), she clearly has it classified in her little head. She may not recall that Rebecca eats raspberries every single day with her lunch. And she may forget that Finn is obsessed with fish. Some days, she may even blank on what her beloved Ms. Barbara chose to read at storytime.

But if you’re wondering what Nate, Becca and Melissa were wearing today, yesterday or last Tuesday, Little D has her eye on the prize.

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