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Housewife 101

July 22, 2011

By now, I have clearly made the point that having two kids, an SUV and a home in the suburbs does not a housewife make. See this post about all the things my husband wishes I could, would, and probably should, do.

But I have realized in recent days that there ARE some domestic tasks I like to tackle around the house and think it’s time to shine a little light on these things now, before skater hubs gets tired of doing all the ironing and hits the road.

So here goes. I like to:

Do the dishes. By hand. Not after every meal or anything, don’t get me wrong, our dishwasher is always running. But when the time comes that some need to be manually attended to, I am happy to do it.

I like to do laundry. The sorting, the manning the machines, that’s all great. Don’t love the folding and putting away, but again, I can say I “like it.”

I like to do the groceries. Even with the baby in tow. But not with Little D, she’s four, so enough said there. But I like the idea of providing for the family, stocking up on the things we need to nourish our bodies and our brains, and throwing in some extra treats for brownie points and bribery tactics. And skater hubs loves it when I come home with one more box of organic mac and cheese when there are already four in the pantry. Hey, I never said I was GOOD at these jobs, I just like doing them.

I like to dust, when the mood strikes. But only because of the little Swiffer thing. And I don’t like when it requires pulling out the Windex.

I like to go and get the mail. In our Truman Show-esque community, it means a little stroll down the street and I often take that time to escape the chaos of the house, breathe in a little, maybe catch up with a neighbor…

And let skater hubs finish the ironing.

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