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I Am Not A Beauty Blogger (Part 2)

July 28, 2011

As promised, below are my picks for more indulgent beauty must-haves. I believe you get what you pay for and with these things, the extra dime goes far beyond the extra mile.

1) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: $22 for a lip balm. Took me a minute to wrap my lips around that, but once I did, I was hooked. The quality of this is so great you don’t need to apply it every 5 minutes like your Chapstick, so it lasts long, smells heavenly and comes in lovely translucent shades for the girl like me who doesn’t really “do her lips.”

2) Origins Calm to Your Senses Bath Oil: I am not a big bath person. Something about sitting in lukewarm, semi-dirty water just doesn’t do it for me. And then I found this bath oil. I was already a fan of the collection, its lavender and vanilla scent and its calming properties, and the bath oil actually got me into our soaking tub for the first time, and made me stay put for a good 30 minutes.

3) Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color: I believe in a mani/pedi. First, I love that they call this Le Vernis, even when most people here don’t know what that means. The colors set trends season after season. And the quality really is impeccable. I prefer to bring my own polish, and these ones are worth investing in. All that said, my favorite red of the moment is from OPI: Just a Little Rosti at This.

4) Guerlain Terracotta: This is one of those staples that has been in my makeup bag since I was like 18. It provides a natural, warm flush of color, it’s easy to wipe away if you accidentally over apply (who, me?), and comes in a classic little compact that adds a touch of luxe to my morning routine. And it lasts forever, so again, an investment piece.

5) Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco Masque: Find ten minutes once per week to do this. And it smells like coconut. You’re welcome.

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