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Today, We Shopped

September 13, 2011

And apparently, we did it in droves. Here is what I managed to get at my local Target from the new Missoni for Target collection. No, I did not wait in any line to get in. I patiently and calmly drove there after drop-off, just to peruse. There wasn’t much left.

1) Not the whole outfit on the girl, but the cardi and boots for Little D. She will probably refuse to wear them.

2) Hat and mitts, again for Little D. Might be (i.e. likely to be) a smidge too small.

3) Socks. Just because they were there. Gave them to my mom.

4) Men’s XL sweater. Just because it was there. But then I convinced myself it will look cute this winter over a pair of jeans and a tee.

5) The vases. These are by far my favorite purchase of the day and was actually one of the few items that caught my eye when I first saw the lookbook. Genuinely thrilled that I found them. They look great and are high quality glass.

I also bought a broom. And gasp, it wasn’t Missoni.

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  1. September 14, 2011 10:55 am

    You definitely got some good stuff!! Love the vases…my fave that I picked up (I too got socks for my mom), was the Espresso cup and saucer set 🙂 Good Shopping fun!

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