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Today You Are One

December 20, 2011

Today you are one.

A year ago it was a rainy, dark, stormy day. The 30 days that followed were the stormiest of our lives.

But today the sun is shining. And today you are one.

Today you are seriously contemplating taking that first step. The momentum is there, but the feet haven’t quite decided to follow yet.

Today you have a million things to say, but your little tongue keeps getting in the way. I want to bottle your babble.

Today you have just started giving kisses. They are a little wet and sloppy, but we will take them.

Today you are learning to fight back with your sister, claiming your territory, setting your boundaries, saying no even when you can’t speak.

Today you like clementines and bananas. You like “puffs” and rice and almost anything in an organic baby food jar. You might be vegetarian…but somehow I doubt it. You are just taking your time with meat.

Today you are a good sleeper.

Today you laugh and smile like no other baby I have seen. It’s almost goofy sometimes, can a baby really be THIS happy all the time?!?

Today you weigh about 24 lbs.

Today you love to play with empty tupperware.

Today you like hiding under the table, waiting outside the bathroom door when your sister is going potty, and playing peek-a-boo.

Today you love going for long walks in your stroller. Sometimes you talk the entire time, sometimes you sit in silence, just taking it all in, but you love it both ways.

Today you can climb up the stairs at lightning speed. But you have not figured out how to come down.

Today you like to look at books. I hope that stays with you forever.

Today you are a true boy. Pushing and pulling and pouncing like your sister never did.

Today you have lots of thick, dark hair, chubby cheeks and big, curious eyes flanked by long eyelashes.

Today you fall down about 1700 times per day.

But you always get right back up, smile firmly in place.

Today, my son, you are one.

Happy birthday, Kai.

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  1. robin permalink
    January 6, 2012 9:14 am

    that is absolutely gorgeous…

  2. WWGD permalink*
    January 8, 2012 10:34 am

    Thank you!

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