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One Little Corner….D’s Room

March 7, 2012

Since I gave you a little peek at all the elements that make up Kai’s room a little while back, I thought it would only be fair to give you a glimpse at Little D’s as well.

As mentioned, she is not an over the top girly-girl but it was actually me who balked at the idea of an all-pink room when we moved into our new house.

It took some convincing, but we opted for a beautiful cafe latte base color instead and chose to punch it up with elements of white and pink. Our painter, sensing Little D’s dismay at a brown room, came up with the brilliant idea of painting the inside of her closet bright pink, which she loved.

Her lovely (by my standards) latte wall was the perfect backdrop for this fun decal in pink. It’s the focal point of her room and allowed a subtle butterfly theme to suddenly take flight.

The canopy was one of those “living vicariously through your kids” things that I bought, hoping D would love it. She isn’t exactly making up stories about Prince Charming under there at night, but we both love the soft, playful element it brings to the room.

When I had Little D, wall letters were the trendiest things in baby decor and there were plenty to choose from. I opted for a more classic, whimsical take on them from one of my favorite stores and still love them five years later.

This pillow was one of my favorite finds from a recent trip to one of the best stores in New York and j’adore its nod to our second language.

Once we took the butterfly theme under our wings, these accents from Pottery Barn Kids were the perfect addition. We made over some very standard Ikea furniture in no time.

A lucite base lamp adds a hint of grown up style to the room and what preschooler wouldn’t love that? Ours is from Target, but looks a lot like this.

And this, my friends, is Vegas. He may not be Vegas to anyone else who is lucky enough to bring him home, but he’s Vegas to us because that’s where mama found him and fell in love. And he sits proudly at the end of Little D’s bed every night, where I hope he sits until she’s 21…as a reminder to stay out of trouble when she’s there.


You Can Find Me Here…

March 6, 2012

Everyone has their own list of personal must-haves once baby is on board.

Today you can check out mine on the delightful Mini Piccolini — feel free to share with all your expectingly chic friends!

Making My Monday

March 5, 2012

I am not gonna lie. It is taking a lot to rally me on this Monday.

I woke up feeling tired and unmotivated and stressed out and the mood has not shifted.

Maybe my Sunday Fun Day was a little too fun.

But the whole point to this Monday feature is to approach the week with a positive outlook and a happy disposition so here goes:

My dad brought me the white flowers above yesterday for no reason. The best kind of flowers to receive, right? What’s really making my day though is that they are currently perched right in the center of our living room coffee table (where they look best), a spot that has not seen a vase since Kai learned to walk. I am reclaiming my space, piece by piece, and teaching him boundaries while beautifying my house at the same time.

We’ve been very focused on eating at home more in 2012 and while we’re doing a great job whipping up homemade pizzas, tacos and burgers on the regular, we are eating pizzas, tacos and burgers on the regular…so I dove into an issue of Cooking Light over the weekend and am excited to try out new recipes so we can make the “homemade” a little healthier moving forward.

We have finally decided on a theme for Little D’s birthday. Now I just have to get to work bringing it all to life.

I am guest posting here tomorrow. Check it out for my favorite new baby essentials.

A friend sent me this. Talk about injecting a little mode into the mundane. One of those trunks would fit very nicely…on my Christmas list.

Sunday Fun Day

March 4, 2012

Today is one of those days that makes me realize that when I bitch and moan about missing the seasons, I really only mean it for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

It is glorious, hot and sunny. The colors filling up our serene little backyard are technicolor bright — the blue in the sky, the green of the grass, the bright yellow of the umbrella, the white of the rose bushes.

We started our day with breakfast outside.

We are planning on moving over to the community pool for a swim and some lunch.

And maybe end the day with some happy hour wine in red plastic cups on the beach?

Wherever the day takes us, there will be sun, there will be splashing, and there will be plenty of smiles.

And there will be no missing the seasons.


*Photo via here


February 29, 2012

Paris Fashion Week is officially underway and suddenly my little life deep in the suburbs of southern California feels nothing but frumpy.

The French.

I love them. The streets, the sweets, the cigarette smoke. J’adore it all.

Especially the style. It’s effortless, never “trendy” and surprisingly easy to emulate, even here, where life (and style) can often feel a little less Truffaut and a little more “The Truman Show”:

Summer in the city, done right.

Love this layered look.

Black on black on black.

Now that is how you dress up a classic white tee.

Simply parfait...non?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Making My Monday

February 27, 2012

I spent the weekend holed up in a house in Palm Springs with some lovely ladies celebrating a friend’s birthday.

The champagne, gossip and late night cookie splurges were all great, but I think the 30 minutes I spent in complete silence, laying on a floatie in the pool staring up at an electric blue sky that couldn’t buy a cloud if it wanted to, was the most restorative part of the trip.

No iPad, no phone, no kids, not even a magazine.

Just me with my thoughts.

I guess I don’t visit them as often as I should.

Here are five things getting my week off on the right foot:

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. I don’t need to show you the full dress, you have seen it everywhere by now. Because it was absolutely lovely. As always, she embodied a minimal, classic chic that reminded me yet again why I do what I do right here on this blog.

Speaking of the blog, it has given me the good fortune of “meeting” some really fine people online and this one was kind enough to feature me on her amazing site today.

Even more excitement on the blog front: my little site is finally going to get a much-needed makeover. Am beginning the process of a redesign this week (this one is fine, but was a very last-minute solution via skater hubs and isn’t really “me”) and cannot wait to see the final product.

I am also officially in planning mode for Little D’s fifth birthday in early April and it’s going to be a good one.

And while I am at it, I have decided what I want for my birthday…I mean, it’s only a month behind hers, must plan ahead.

Happy Monday!

*Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images North America*

10 Signs That I Answer To Mama

February 25, 2012

Apparently, I don’t scream “mom of two” when you meet me.

I have actually had people look at me with jaws dropped, “YOU have two kids?!?”

Trust me, it’s not my flat abs that have them confused.

But if you look closely, it’s quite obvious that my heart belongs to the under 4 ft tall set. Here are some signs that make it clear I answer to mama first:

1) I always have snacks with me. Always. Check my bag, it may be Gucci, but it’s concealing mini bags of whole grain Goldfish.

2) That Gucci bag? It’s usually hands-free. No silly, it’s not a backpack (insert look of disgust here), but typically a stylish little messenger bag that leaves my hands…handy.

3) I may as well own stock in Purell.

4) I ALWAYS check my phone when it’s ringing. You can be my best friend, a CEO, or the president himself sitting across from me, if my phone is ringing, I am checking it to make sure it’s not an emergency with my kids.

5) I can do my makeup and get ready for any occasion in less than 10 minutes. And it actually looks half decent most of the time.

6) I can talk Thakoon, but I can also talk Toodee.

7) My manicure never looks perfect. Never. But I keep getting them done.

8) I drive a slick SUV that seats five, but no, you can’t sit in the back. There are two big old car seats there and they never move.

9) I haven’t heard a bartender say “last call” in five years.

10) If you ever need a “Wet Ones,” I’m your girl.

*Photo via here